Open Letter to City Girl
    Reading Time: 7 minutes

    Dear City Girl,

    You see it is very easy to laugh, condemn and be utterly sarcastic to others when you have little basis of what their life story is all about. It is easy to sit behind a computer and punch in words of life that you have not lived either based on experiences you have overheard in a bar or whatever social circles you roam. It takes a conscious mind to do some meaningful research and turn them into a well-meaning and all-inclusive article. You are young, unmarried and ‘free’. You are the Zebra teaching the Lion how to hunt. Your words, seem as though your worldview and experiences shape them. The undertones of your rhetoric come across as bitter, subjective, delusion and so out-of-touch that one can only mutter to themselves, ‘oh the folly of the sassy, sarcastic, insulting young city woman whose journey has just begun!” Such irony.

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