As a mother of two boys, none of my pregnancies has been easy  – mentally and physically. I struggle with a pregnancy condition known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), which means lots of puking, nausea, dehydration, depression, and weight loss.

    Being pregnant is usually a time of glowing and happiness for most women, but for those who suffer from HG, like me, it is not.

    The typical scenario was; I am puking into a bag, for the umpteenth time, as my toddler rub his sick Mamas back. HG had taken me away from him.

    At the beginning of my sickness, we didn’t know to explain everything that was going on to Fadhili, our toddler. However, the nurses at the ‘Klinik for gravide’, Skejby Hospital, encouraged us to explain HG to Fadhili.

    No sooner had we told him that Mama was suffering so that he could have a little brother, he began to throw fewer tantrums and show more empathy. He started to rub my belly too and tell people that ‘Mor har baby I maven’ (Mama has a baby in her stomach).

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