Blue Hour Photography

Blue hour photography is something special, yet elusive. It requires one to be at the right place, at the right time.

Blue hour refers to the time after sunset when the sky goes into a deep blue for a while before dusk completely sets it.

The search for a new angle in photography is a never-ending challenge.

Well, the other evening I went down to the Port of Aarhus for some quiet time and inspiration. It was a mommy-time out moment.

I happened to have my camera along from any earlier assignment when I came across a magical hour of blue light at the harbour.  It was a magical happenstance.


Without a second thought and due to the elusivity of the blue hour, I took out my camera, adjusted the manual settings then got to down on my tummy. I needed this pose because I didn’t have a tripod with me.

Having the camera on the ground provided the necessary stability to give quality photos. That is because night time photos require the aperture to be open for longer, for maximum absorption of the limited light.

I used a Canon remote trigger to prevent any camera shake movements, which would have ruined the final result.

Any serious photographer knows that unusual and creative angles usually give some unique photographs.

In a nutshell, Photography is my creative outlet. I use it to tell stories of places I have been to, or things that I have experienced.

Before I became a mother, I had photography, and it has remained my identity even after motherhood.

I now use photography to freeze my moments of solitude, medidation or creativity. Photography also helps me preserve memories for my sons that will hopefully help them, and their future generations, see the genesis of their family tree.



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