About Kenyan Mom Abroad

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Hello, I’m Judy Wanjiku Jørgensen!

Welcome to ‘Memoirs of a Kenyan mom abroad’,  a communication and culture blog chronicling cross-cultural understanding and re-imagined identities of life, parenthood and career abroad.

The purpose of this blog, Memoirs of a Kenyan mom abroad, is to highlight and share my opinion on what it means to live and reinvent one’s identity and sense of self across different countries that are opposites. The challenges,  enrichment, crisis and life lessons therein.

I satirise racial issues with the hope of highlighting the underlying follies of prejudice. Most importantly, I trust, that my words will encourage informed conversations and bridge cultural understanding in how we view ourselves and others

I am:

  • A journalist, I derive my cathartic release by expressing myself in creative writing, satire and photography. 
  • A mother of two energetic and charming boys. 
  •  Fadhili is the name of my eldest son; his name is Swahili for Compassion. My youngest is Farajiwhich in Swahili means Comfort/Consolation.
  • I am incredibly grateful for having the best of two culturally diverse countries – Kenya and Denmark. Each is unique and rich in its culture, and they complement each other in a way that makes me a better citizen of the world.
  • I enjoy recreating recipes from around the world as food is a powerful means of understanding cultures.

Thanks once again for letting me share my content creation passion with you from my little corner of the blogosphere.

I always look forward to reading and hearing from you. So please do leave a comment, criticism, question or request at the comments section or directly to my email: judysimon2002@gmail.com.